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This Site was created for all who love and grow begonias. Follow the links below to see the various information offered here.  This is not a commercial site and there is no advertising on this site other than links to sources for begonias on the links page. All the information offered is to promote interest in begonias and to provide begonia enthusiasts with information.

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International Database of

Begonias (Begoniaceae)IDB

Click this image to visit the IDB

This is the first place to go when looking for the correct spelling of a Begonia name, verifying an ID of Begonia or to find out more information on all listed begonias.  Lovingly maintained by Ross Bolwell, who is also a world famous hybridizer of begonias, it has information on all Begonias that have been listed, published or provided to him by hybridizers themselves.  The list is in the thousands, over 18,000 at last county, many with photos of the Begonias provided by photographers around the world.  The site is set up for searches and for anyone with knowledge or pictures to contribute by submission to each entry.  You will find not only the known information on a Begonia, but the sources for the material should you want to research further and credits to the contributors.  Also provided is good information on synonyms or alternate names for any Begonias that have them.  This is an under utilized and under appreciated undertaking by Ross and others which is why I'm putting this info right on my front page so you can't miss it.  If a Begonia is on the web, Ross will find it somehow, I don't know how but the gets them all.  Let him know you appreciate his hard work when you have used the site.  I know he loves feedback.

      Brad's Begonia World

 is in the process of a site revamp, I apologize for any broken links or pages not working correctly. If you have visited this site before you can see that our home page has already changed. I hope you like the new look. You can still visit all the pages previously offered here by clicking any of the links along the top or sides of this page. Besides adding new content I am revising all the pages of this site including adding many more pictures. It will take a little time so please be patient. Two pages just added are the Rhizomatous Page and a page on Pruning. Also new content will be added to the Tuberous Page with many new pictures contributed by our friend Mike Flaherty (though many of those were actually taken by his partner Gary Hunt). For the sources and links Pages, if anyone has any they would like added, send e-mail to the address at the bottom of the page. I also hope to add a questions page where I will post frequently asked questions and answers that I’ve received.  A section of the home page will be replaced with general begonia information once the site has been revamped. I hope you enjoy the new content and new look, comments are welcome. I'm attempting to add content and revamp my pages again since it has been awhile.  Would appreciate any suggestions, links, etc. that you think would help you or your club.  I last did a total revamp five years ago so i think it is probably overdo.

  The following is not an advertisement but to help ABS.   You can find the entire recent website plus additional  articles in book form on the Begonia Society website in the book shop.  Wendy Corby did the monumental task of compiling the pages in book form along with even more pictures added.  There are even a couple of topics in it that I meant to add but hadn't yet so it actually has more information.  All proceeds go to ABS so it is for a good cause.  The direct link is

BradsBegoniaWorld Book

 Thanks Wendy for all the wonderful work you did compiling the book, editing, adding, and getting photos and permissions.  It was a lot of hard work and you deserve a round of applause for a job well done.  I always meant to do it but since I started working on it as chapters 15 years ago it probably would never have gotten done by me so thank you again, I appreciate it so much.  I hope to be able to name a few new hybrids in your honor eventually as a way of thanking you.  Of course now that Wendy has made this website into a book, I'm in the position of now having to add new content but that is long overdue.

Good growing.............Brad Thompson


Planet Begonia

Many or most people are either familiar with Facebook or they belong. Many ABS clubs plus ABS itself has a page. The largest and most used though is Planet Begonia. Although a closed group that only members can see and post to, you can apply to join. A wealth of pictures and comments and connecting with growers worldwide. Click the link to go to their FB page

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Kartuz Greenhouses

This is not an ad but a source where you can find the largest selection of Brad Thompson hybrids, Begonias and also his other plant hybrids.  Visit the site often, they always have new items come into stock, it changes all the time. I am somewhat biased because they carry so many of my creations and I have some connection to the business though am not employed there. The picture to the left is of my hybrid Begonia 'Miss Julie' which they carry.

Greenhouse and Nursery Hours:

9 AM to Noon and 1:00 PM to 3 PM    Tues. through Sat.

Closed to the public on Sun. and Mon.

1408 Sunset Drive, Vista, CA 92081

Phone (760) 941-3613,   Fax: (760) 941-1123

E-Mail: kartuz@kartuz.com